You’re special! Just like 20 million other people.

Early yesterday morning, my wife received an email about being in the top 10% of profiles viewed on LinkedIn in 2012, and included a link to a site with an announcement jointly heralding the news that LinkedIn had recently reached the 200 million user mark and asking “the 10%” to share their accomplishment on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

With celebrities not gouging up all the bandwidth on LinkedIn as they do on Facebook and Twitter, these statistics could very well be right on the money. However, I’m speculative, seeing as upon further inspection, my wife’s profile only had 44 views in the last 90 days, a majority of which were in 2012, compared to my 200+ views in the same time span. I’ve also heard from friends who received similar emails and doubted they hit such a mark.

So I hit the Google. Upon researching it, a slew of people have also received notifications commenting on them being in the top 1% or 5% of profiles viewed in 2012. Others have angrily posted about not getting any such emails. This post is neither. BUT, as someone who specializes in social media, I’d love to see the raw numbers behind these things to verify.

On the business side, it’s a cross-marketing gimmick to get LinkedIn shared more across all types of social media. On the user side, it’s simply a feel-good measure. Either way, it seems to be working…as my wife has been mocking me all day about how much more special she is than me.

Thanks a lot, LinkedIn.